義大利百年精品家具品牌 POLTRONA FRAU,於 1912 年創立初期,已成為擁有尊貴身份的象徵,自 1926 年起,更成為義大利王室薩伏伊王朝的官方供應商。從那時起,POLTRONA FRAU 入主義大利所有最著名的建築、豪華酒店等,成為義大利的驕傲、奢華家具的代表。

Renzo Frau founded Poltrona Frau in Turin in 1912. In the 30’s it was already a status symbol. From 1926 it was appointed supplier of the Italian Royal Family, the Savoia dynasty. From then on, it will furnish all the most important houses, grand hotels, the interiors for Expo Turin 1928, and the lavish transatlantic Rex, pride of the Italian Navy.

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擁有 60 年悠久歷史的 CECCOTTI COLLEZIONI,於 1956 年在托斯卡尼(Toscana)成立,最初專門生產家用家具,後來以精湛的木匠工藝享負盛名,能完美呈現設計師的創意,並融合工藝與藝術,展現精緻木紋、低調奢華的獨特設計。

Ceccotti Collezioni a unique company recognized all over the world in the field of interior design for the ability to create ‘products of the author’, unique in their originality and constructive complexity, design without ostentation of industrial geometries but also without aesthetic frivolity, with the scope of reconnecting objects to a tradition and to a history.

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橫跨半世紀的時間,義大利家族企業 STOSA,憑藉著對於廚房的熱衷與專情,陳述了義大利托斯卡尼(Toscana)熱情創作的故事,在充滿義式美學的基因中,寫下一頁又一頁充滿視覺張力的前衛廚房設計。

Stosa Cucine is a forward-looking company with a powerful, well-defined brand that is a point of reference for the entire kitchen sector: this is the role Stosa has built for itself over the years. Today Stosa has strong and lasting partnerships with its dealers and is the preferred choice of customers in over 40 countries worldwide.

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擁有 150 年歷史的百年衛浴品牌 KOHLER,是美國歷史最悠久、規模最大的衛浴品牌之一,其總部位於美國威斯康辛州,在全球擁有 50 多個製造廠房,提供衛浴、廚房、照明、引擎,以及高級室內裝飾、發電系統和潔淨能源等相關產品,為創新設計和製造領域的全球領導品牌。

Since 1873, Kohler Co. has been improving the level of gracious living by providing exceptional products and services for our customers’ homes and their lifestyles. We believe better business and a better world go hand-in-hand. Fueled by the passion of more than 40,000 associates worldwide, we strive to enhance the quality of life for current and future generations through design, craftsmanship and innovation.

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自 1968 年品牌創建以來,SANGIACOMO 以其廣泛而多元的產品系列著稱,50 多年來在 Piovesana 家族帶領下,以市場獨到的敏銳度和對設計美學熱情的投注,打造了最完善的家具系統平台,這份企業 DNA 同樣反映在 MESON'S 品牌中,使其表達出新世代廚具的多元風格。

Sangiacomo was born in 1968 in Brugnera and in 1987 cooperate with Meson's kitchens, a historical brand founded in 1963. The continuous attention to the development of markets, the careful research of quality aesthetic and functional, always give an added value to the products Sangiacomo able to differentiate themselves from the competition.

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一家以新創概念開啟豪華娛樂家具的 70 年老品牌,旗下作品皆由傳統匠師的手工藝,刻劃頂尖設計師的現代設計巧思,呈現令人驚豔的視覺美學。VISMARA 以娛樂家具的新定義向市場宣示著,業界最高品質、最佳設計創意,以及最高藝術含量的娛樂性家具領導品牌。

Thanks to its luxurious and innovative products, as the fruit of expert architects and designers’ experience and passion, Vismara is a well-known brand both in Europe and all over the world. The brand has been able to merge the most authentic Italian manufacturing tradition with a modern and innovative spirit.

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成立於 1969 年,品牌標誌特徵為純手工編織,最初採用天然纖維製成,如今採用的是高質感的合成材料,能在不犧牲輕盈性的情況下,保證出色的耐用性。它遵循傳統技術,並注入現代所需的新形式美學,而且通過材料和顏色的選擇,提供真正的舒適感和輕鬆感。

Varaschin have been making outdoor furniture elements and accessories since 1969. Our expertise is based on a deep knowledge of craftsmanship, and is at the origin of our manufacturing skill. Our design stems from a constant comparison with the most evolved stylistic scenarios, as befits a brand deeply rooted in contemporary desires.

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Dept of PF: Boutique Furniture (PF is an abbreviation of Poltrona Frau)
There are five flagship stores in Taiwan. Poltrona Frau is an artifact of Italian leather products, and Ceccotti Collezioni is specified for wooden furniture. The combination of the two brandings, manifested in leather and wooden craftsmanship, created the most luxurious furniture palace. The marketing scale has reached the top in the world. Also, it has achieved the best performance in Taiwan's market share in the luxury furniture field. In the meantime, the company is supported by over 2,000 members, who are at the top end of the pyramid of consumers.

Dept. of BC: Boutique kitchen and bathroom ware. (BC is an abbreviation of Bagno & Cucina)
There are four flagship stores in Taiwan. The brands on the team are pioneers in the kitchen and bathroom ware fields. We have KOHLER, with 150 years of history, and an Italian aesthetic kitchen brand, STOSA. The two brands have opened up retailing and new project markets. Our operation objective for Stosa is to build high-end project buildings, with 10 to 1,000 rooms per project. It has become the best Italian kitchen brand with the highest annual turnover rate in Taiwan.

Dept. of LE: Boutique of luxury entertainment furniture. (LE is an abbreviation for Luxury Entertainment).
There are two flagship stores in Taiwan. LE's department operates in retail and also has a distributor department, which is a new operational concept. Our cooperating targets are Taiwanese well-known architects and designers. We contracted with these famous artists and established distributors. VISMARA is a luxurious entertainment furniture company with 70 years of history and a leading brand in the department. It has astonishing aesthetic masterpieces. The products include private home cinema, pool table, poker table, table tennis, etc. The specialty in the department is operating the elegant Vismara with the leisure Italian outdoor furniture brand VARASCHIN. VARASCHIN is known for its handmade weaving techniques. More than that, in this department, you can find the most foresight and systematic furniture, Sangiacomo, and the top kitchen brand, Meson’s, as a cross-border integration. The idea makes a perfect and unifying system platform for the furnishing industry. The integration with high-end and luxury Italian brands has made it the leading home with the theme of leisure and entertainment.

Gruppo GEUC has operated the businesses with a much bigger picture. We value sustainability and future access strategies. We aim to become an import company with multi-developmental partnerships.

PF 事業團隊:家具精品店。 ( PF 為 Poltrona Frau 集團的簡稱 )
台灣有 5 間旗艦店,在皮革製家具領域為單一品牌義大利 Poltrona Frau,木製家具領域為單一品牌義大利 Ceccotti,結合皮革與木作工藝精華,開啟最高規格的精品家具銷售殿堂,銷售規模至今已是全球頂尖,而且在台灣高檔精品家具領域,得到市占率第一的殊榮,同時公司也擁有超過 2,000 名會員的支持,這裡要特別強調,這些會員都是金字塔頂端的消費者。

BC 事業團隊:衛廚精品店。( BC 為 Bagno & Cucina 的簡稱 )
台灣有 4 間旗艦店,旗下為衛浴、廚具領域的先鋒品牌,擁有 150 年歷史的百年衛浴品牌 KOHLER 暨充滿義式美學基因的 STOSA 廚具,開啟零售市場與新建案專案批發雙軌經營,其中廚具領域,單一品牌義大利 STOSA,我司以高端的新建案為目標市場,規模從 10 戶到 1,000 戶不等的新建案,目前已經是義大利廚具在台灣年營業額第一的殊榮。

LE 事業團隊:豪華娛樂家具精品。( LE 為 Luxury Entertainment 的簡稱 )
台灣有 2 間旗艦店,LE 事業團隊除了以傳統精品零售型態經營,目前我司成立分銷商部門。這是一個嶄新的部門,也是新創概念的經營模式,我們合作的對象為全台灣知名的建築師或設計公司,並以合約簽署的方式而成為禹臣公司旗下的分銷商。豪華娛樂家具品牌義大利 VISMARA,以作為該營運模式的領導品牌,VISMARA 是一家70年老品牌,作品皆由傳統古典匠師的手工藝,來刻劃頂尖設計師的現代設計巧思,呈現令人驚豔的視覺美學,娛樂家具品項涵蓋私人影院、撞球桌、撲克牌桌、桌上足球等等。並集結專業高質感休閒戶外家具,以手工繩編織為標誌性特徵的品牌義大利 Varaschin、及義大利最具前瞻性最早將系統家具 Sangiacomo 與頂級廚具品牌 MESON'S 跨界整合,打造更完善的卓越系統平台。整併義大利奢華居家高端品牌,引領以休閒娛樂為主題的尊榮之家。

GEUC 集團以更宏觀的角度審視企業永續、通路策略與未來趨勢,尋求更多可能合作的事業夥伴成為更多元發展的企業型態。


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  • No. 201, Section 2, Dongda Road, North District, Hsinchu City
  • No. 39, Zhengshi North 2nd Road, Xitun District, Taichung City
  • 1F, No. 101, Kaixuan Road, East District, Tainan City
  • 1F, No. 65, Zhonghua 3rd Road, Qianjin District, Kaohsiung City

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  • No. 275, Guangming 6th Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County
  • No. 363, Huiwen Road, Nantun District, Taichung City
  • No. 212, Minsheng North Road, West District, Chiayi City
  • No. 247, Section 1, Lin'an Road, Central West District, Tainan City

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  • No. 277, Guangming 6th Road, Zhubei City
  • No. 168, Section 1, Xibin Road, Hsinchu City
  • No. 130, Wenxin 1st Road, Xitun District, Taichung City