Linea Banco


Its name already indicates the aesthetic characterization: Straight and clean lines for a minimalistic design that emphasizes the essential sign.


  • product design MARCONATO & ZAPPA
  • The downdraft extractor hood is a discreet and functional element.
  • The open units are inserted in the kitchen structure in a consistent way.
  • The big wall-panelling frames the protruding base unit and the side containers.



Material & Color

R11(white rubber)

R13(yellow rubber)

R14(pink rubber)

R15(green rubber)

G10(bianco kos)

G11(bianco malè)

G12(grigio efeso)

G13(beige luxor)

G14(rosa colorado)

G15(castor ottawa)

G16(grigio londra)

G17(blu delft)

G18(grigio bromo)

G19(nero ingo)